When will my application be seen by the hiring managers?

Once you submit your application it is immediately available for review by our hiring managers.


How do I contact the hiring manager regarding the position for which I am applying?

f you are selected for testing or for an interview, the hiring manager will contact you. If you have specific details you would like to share with a hiring manager, you may want to attach a cover letter communicating that information.


Can I attach resumes, cover letters, certifications or other relevant documentation to my application?

Electronic copies of relevant documents can be attached to your application. Should you need assistance, scanners are accessible in our Human Resources department. Our highly trained staff is available Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to help guide you through this process.

How do I get information about job openings?

Job openings are updated continuously. Just click on our careers link to see available positions.


My resume includes all my relevant information. May I submit my resume without completing the application?

In order to be considered for employment you must complete the application and any required tests or questionnaires. Resumes received without a completed application will not be considered.


Will you automatically submit my application for consideration as jobs for which I am qualified become available?

You must apply for the positions in which you are interested as they become available.The submission process is not automatic.


Can I apply for the same position more than once?

You only need to apply for each position once. As soon as you submit your application, the hiring managers will have access to your information. You will be contacted if selected for an interview.

May I use one application for more than one position?

Your applications are only retained for six months.You will need to reply after six months and complete all necessary documents.


What happens if I am selected?

All job offers are conditional pending a successful physical examination/questionnaire, drug screening, and background checks. Someone will contact you to set up the physical and drug screen. If offered a position, you will need to attend a new employee orientation. At orientation, you will be required to present legally acceptable identification and/or work authorization paperwork. The most common forms of identification provided are a passport or driver's license and a social security card.


I recently applied for a current opening. Can you tell me if I am still being considered or in the current status of the selection process?

You will receive a confirmation email notifying you that your application has been submitted. You will not receive additional correspondence unless you are selected for an interview.


Why does it take so long to select someone for a position?

Screening applications, organizing interviews, administering required tests, and finding the best match for the job requires a significant amount of time and effort. We understand your desire to know the status as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience.


I have applied for several positions and still have not been contacted for an interview, why?

Each job opening generates many applicants. In some cases, hundreds of applications are received for only one position. Each hiring manager reviews their applicants for job knowledge and skill sets to find the best match for their department. We encourage you to continue to apply for positions for which you are qualified. We appreciate your patience and interest in Owen County.


If I'm already an employee of Owen County, do I need to include my current job and its duties on my application?

The application asks you to identify your last three job experiences. Your current position should be included. County experience may be relevant to the position in which you are interested.


I just applied with Owen County. What's next?

After your application is submitted it is immediately available to the hiring managers. Each department reviews their applicants for required typing and job skills. If you are selected for an interview, the hiring department will contact you.


Do I have to be a US Citizen to be hired?

Owen County only hires individuals authorized to work in the United States. You do not have to be a US citizen to work for Owen County; however, you do have to be authorized to work in the US. In compliance with federal regulation, every employee is required to complete an Employment Verification Certification (Form 1-9). Documentation must be provided within 3 working days of your hire date. The most common forms of identification provided are a US passport or a driver's license and a social security card.


Most positions do not require you to be an Owen County resident to be employed.


If you need further information on how to apply for a position, please visit the Careers home page.

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